5 ways to increase clicks on your small business blog

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I spend my life doing small business copywriting and there are a few tips of the trade that tend to make my life easier.

One of these is getting the titles right as a way of encouraging clicks.

Now let’s be honest, if you don’t promote your posts or if you promote them in the wrong place then you’re never going to get clicks

But if you make a tiny bit of effort with your post title then you can drag more visitors to your business blog and that can’t be bad.

#1 Listicles

People love a list, not sure why but doing a list gives a nice structured method of providing information

You’ve definitely seen these – you know the kind of thing – ‘the 6 best brands of beard oil’ that sort of thing

Oh hey, you’re reading a listicle now!

#2 Proven methods

So yeah, I could have called this post ‘5 proven methods to increase your post click rate’ or something a little more elegant.

Using the proven methods blog title will help you get a bigger readership for your tips.

# 3 Mistakes

Using a mistake that people commonly make in your line of work as a post title certainly increases readership.

This is especially useful if you have something that you find people always do.

Can also be combined with a listicle

‘6 common mistakes that people make when buying a car.’

# 4 Secrets

Everybody loves finding out a secret right?

Having a blog post headline that promises to let people in on a secret is a great way to drive engagement

‘The secret way to make delicious bread at home’.

Admit it you really want to know that secret now right?

# 5 Hacks & Shortcuts

Nobody wants to go the long way round nowadays

Including a hack or shortcut in your title gives people the expectation that they can get things done quicker, easier or cheaper.

‘Try this life hack to manage your inbox’

OK so that’s my listicle done but the absolutely epic news is that I’ve done a separate, in-depth post on each of these, in turn, to help you get a bit more engagement in your writing.

The in-depth posts on ways to increase clicks on your small business blog

Here are some examples of how these work, some of these are guides to the method and some are example posts that use the method.

Oh and no post would be complete without a little advert, amaright?

My job is to produce top quality small business copywriting.

I love writing for businesses that don’t like doing it or can find more value in working on their business rather than writing blog entries.

Why not contact me and let’s have a bit of a chat about how I can help you drive engagement and get more people to speak to you.

Use this great hack to make sure people read your content

small business blogs are like spinning plates

If you are writing small business blogs for your company then you may well be disappointed at how many people actually click through onto your site.

After all, what’s the point of writing this stuff if no-one ever reads it right?

Unbelievably there are a few ways to make sure people click on your links and I bet you know most of them but don’t realise it.

And you have just fallen prey to one of them

Can you see what it is yet?

It’s all in the blog title

There’s a list of post titles you can use to boost your click-through rate.

Now they won’t save every type of blog post, and to be fair if you promote your content in the wrong place then there’s no helping you.

So for example, if you have a post about industrial valves and you post it to an undertakers discussion forum then I reckon it doesn’t matter what you write or how you write it.

But, if you are writing the right thing and it’s relevant to your target auduence then we’re in business

Or rather you are.

You can find my list of great blog titles to boost click-through rate here

So what’s this great hack then?

It’s including ‘hack’ in the title.

Have you noticed how clickbait farms tend to use this one a lot?

that’s because we are busy people and finding a way to circumvent the normal rules of behaviour really does appeal.

Also, a hack is a bit naughty, but not massively so and this plays to our sense of humour.

Things to remember about your hack post

There does actually need to be a useful tip or trick that the reader can use.

After all, after reading this post you now have a hack that you can use to aid your click-through rate right?

Shortchanging people on your small business blogs is a bad way to go.

And you mustn’t require people to sign up or have any of that nonsense going on. If you do you won’t get repeat visitors and frankly they probably won’t sign up anyway.