Content marketing for accountants

Could you use more clients?

Website sitting unloved?

Need to engage with your clients more?

Did you know that content marketing is one of the most effective forms of client outreach?

Solve a problem for a client and you have a friend

Gain clients with fresh and topical content

The fact is that Google loves content.

It comes back to your site periodically, has a little look around and if you have new stuff on there and if clients are engaging with you then you’ll get pushed up the rankings.

Conversely, if you haven’t touched your site for a  while, and if it is full of pretty generic content then Google will penalise you and you’ll drop down the search pages.

And we all know that being high up on the search engine pages is the way to drive enquiries

More enquiries = more clients.

Drive up your client retention rates - and add more services

Ever thought that it’s cheaper to retain your current clients than spend time finding, selling and onboarding new ones?

Increasing your retention rate is like free money – you’ve already done all the hard work.

Use content to sell more services

If you have clients that are happy with your service then why wouldn’t you capitalise on that good feeling?

Content marketing is a great way to increase your per customer profit

Your clients could look like this!

But you haven't got time to do all this...

OK so I’ll admit that finding the time to freshen up your website and post regular, relevant content is difficult.

After all, you’re spending your time looking after clients and making sure they are really happy and of course making the money that keeps the lights on.

But this is the problem – if you don’t spend time marketing when you are busy then you’ll start to experience a business that goes from famine to feast and back again.

Having a consistent and planned content marketing approach actually helps smooth out the highs and lows and gives you a predictable sales funnel.

Wait - what if...

What if you could find a qualified accountant who has turned to copy writing to manage your content marketing?

What if you could sit down, plan it out out  with someone who understands both your industry and the content marketing world and then let them get on with the job?

Contact me now to find out more

If you like the idea of handing over something you don’t want to do to a professional then get in touch.

You can mail me or call me and I’ll be happy to talk you through the process – no obligation

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Stuart Walker - content marketing for accountants
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