Content marketing for SMEs

Yellow tomato copywriting for small bsuinesses

If you are a busy SME or micro business then you probably haven’t got time to sort out your content marketing

What you need is someone who will take a look at your online presence, do effective keyword research and come up with a plan to maximise your reach

I offer three types of service for SMEs; Build, Maintain and Copy


Yellow tomato build service content for SMEs

This is the service for SME’s that have a website but just need to get it on track

I will take your site, do a comprehensive analysis of your on page and site SEO, check out your web footprint and then write up content that will appeal to your potential customers

What you get

  • Full site analysis including web footprint and current ranking
  • Keyword analysis with suggested target terms
  • Content marketing plan with suggested articles and timing
  • 8 x articles that will kick off your campaign and build your site stature
  • Future content marketing plan with a listing of activities designed to drive engagement and sales


Yellow tomato get yourself a decent blog writer

This service is designed specifically for businesses that have a website and a good web presence but don’t have the time to write articles and fresh content on a weekly basis

I will write your article, based on your marketing and content plan and, if you have a WordPress site will even upload them for you

You don’t have to do anything

What you get

  • One article per week, every week
  • on-page SEO included
  • free upload to your site
  • free writing of snippets, tags etc. to make sure your content gets noticed



If  what you want doesn’t fit into the above categories then you need my bespoke copywriting service

This is especially good for companies that want one-off projects such as business plans or awards entries or if you just want to try out my work without any commitment

What I can do

  • Blogs and articles
  • Short and sweet posts for LinkdIn or social media
  • Business plans
  • Website builds
  • Award entries
  • e-Books
  • White papers
  • In fact any manner of business writing

Get in touch now!

Get in touch and we can have a chat about what you need and how I can help.

I’ll make you two promises;

If I can’t do what you ask because I’m too busy or it’s not in my skill set then I’ll tell you

If you decide not to go ahead then we’ll part as friends and there will be no pressure sell!

What have you got to lose?

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