Why great content marketing can make a massive difference to your SME

If you are wondering about the difference that content marketing can make for your SME then the good news is that you can find out about it here!

I spend my life producing content for small businesses. It’s something I really enjoy but I’m fully aware that many people might not know what it is or share my enthusiasm!

So what exactly is content marketing?

Well, put simply it is anything that someone might consume whether that is by reading, watching or listening.

In small business terms, of course, that means customers, past customers and potential customers.

Sound simple doesn’t it?

As far as I am concerned here are the 3 biggest reasons why great content marketing is good for SMEs.

#1 Brand trust

Would you buy things or services from someone you don’t trust?

So here’s a thing – imagine that you were going to buy something, anything.

You have a choice, buy the something from someone you have never met before or buy it from someone who had given you some great advice sometime in the past.

Who would you trust?

And content marketing is simply giving people advice and storing up this goodwill for later on when they want to buy something (or one of their relatives does).

#2 Lead generation

Well of course.

You write up a blog post about a great deal you’ve got going on with hot tubs. They’re 50% below the normal market price.

You’re bound to get leads right?

#3 Customer engagement

If you have customers that you hope will buy from you again then you need to keep your brand at the front of their mind.

But something else…

The best companies understand the value of community and loyalty.

Think about a brand you really really like.

I really really like Suzuki motorcyles.

It would take a lot to get me to change brand and here’s a thing, when I was looking for a car guess who got into the short list?

Yeah Suzuki Cars

And when I was looking for a boat outboard motor?

You’ve got it.

So if you can create a community of loyal customers who regularly get useful and valuable content then you can bet it will take a lot of work for your competitors to move in on the action.

But you didn’t really answer the question – what is content marketing?

OK content marketing can be;

  • Blogs and articles
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Technical updates
  • Infographics
  • Checklists
  • Templates
  • eBooks
  • Interviews
  • Memes and gifs
  • Pictures
  • and loads of other stuff

But not all marketing is equal as this handy graphic that I stole off the web shows

Best types of content marketing for SMEs

So rather fortuitously the written word is the most effective type of content and not massively difficult to do.

So content marketing for SMEs should really start off with looking at things like really useful blog posts and articles.

That’s all very well Stuart but how can Yellow Tomato help me with my content marketing?

Good question internet person.

So I write content (see my point about effectiveness).

I specialise in writing for SMEs (although I do have some agency and larger company clients) and I help them sort out their content marketing.

I don’t do video (although I can if I want) and I don’t do podcasts (I can do them too) because I like writing.

As an SME you can choose to use my copywriting service for the odd article or ebook, or you can choose a package.

Either way my aim is to make sure you love what I do and that you come back for more.

Win win right?

So what should I do now Stuart?

Well, you could have a look round the site and see what we do and stuff or…

You could have a look at how I structure my services here or…

You could just get in touch and we could have a chat.

Don’t worry if you don’t know a lot about marketing and all that guff. I speak English and am happy to talk you through it with no obligation to buy

Ahh go on

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