Content – why you need to be doing seasonal posts

Seasonal posts are a funny thing, they won’t get you hits for most of the year but at one particular point, they will suddenly become massively popular.

For example, in the UK individuals have to submit a tax return by the 31st January every year. So a series of posts that centre around giving people help and advice about their tax return will be amazingly popular in January but get no hits the rest of the year.

So why should you do a seasonal post if it’s pointless for 11/12ths of the time?

Well, it’s all about establishing your credentials as a subject matter expert with Google.

It takes quite a while to do this and frankly, posting six articles on the 1st of January about tax isn’t going to get you what you need.

What Google looks for is someone who has consistently posted about a subject, over a period of time and has relevant and updated posts about that particular subject.

So my suggestion would be to plan out a set of posts, one a month around your chosen subject leading up to whatever your event might be.

Whilst you won’t get many hits about ‘Great Xmas decoration styles’ in July, don’t worry. Google is storing this away for future use.

So come December Google looks at people who have posted 12 times in the last month and weighs them up against someone who has just posted a bunch of articles about the same thing and then goes for the former because they are consistent.

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Don’t forget to update

This process might work for year one and maybe the year after but Google also looks for recent content.

If we take my earlier example of the accountant posting about tax, the information becomes less relevant as time goes on because tax rates and rules change.

So my suggestion is that you revisit your best performing posts relatively regularly to keep them fresh and up to date.

Google loves this and it will make sure that your posts keep their position.

How I can help

Now look Iknow it’s difficult planning, posting and updating because there is always something more pressing to do and something that will actually bring in cash now.

But we both know that these are investments against future business and the smartest operators know that investing in marketing is of paramount importance when you are busy because when you are quiet it is too late.

So how can I help?

Well, I can help you to plan your content.

I can write your content

And I can programme in a series of updates that will keep your posts fresh and relevant

All of this whilst you are busy doing the real work of looking after your customers.

You’d be mad not to give me a shout!

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