Copy for agencies

I’m not here to try and find a job.

I’m a committed freelancer – so now we’ve got that out of the way what can I do for you?

I write blogs, articles, white papers, eBooks, business plans, award entries that sort of stuff.

I’m an accountant and MBA so my style is professional rather than trying hard to be your best mate.

I’ve done a lot of work with professional services type firms such as accountants, lawyers, recruiters that sort of folk.

Oh yeah and here’s the thing

I won’t take your work unless I think I can do a great job and I won’t take the work unless I know I can complete it by the deadline.

If you want stuff that is SEO ready, doesn’t need to be spellchecked and that you won’t need to put through your plagiarism checker then today is your lucky day!

If you only have one piece for me then that’s fine, if you have a client you want to whitelable 4 pieces a month to then that’s fine also.

Contact me now and let’s have a chat.