Content for software companies

Nothing works as well for software companies as content marketing

So you’ve got a great app that works amazingly across all devices.

Or you have an enterprise level solution and you want to explain the benefits to your target market.

Or maybe you simply want to build awareness with your potential customers by using blogs, whitepapers and eBooks.

The problem is that you are a software developer and not a copywriter dammit Jim!

Well that’s no problem at all.

I specialise in working with software companies who want to talk to decision makers whether that be B2B or B2C.

If you need landing pages or web copy, or if you need your own work sharpening up or editing then you’re in luck.

And if you have no idea where to start then that’s fine, I love working with new starts and bootstraps to get their message out.


Copy for software companies
great solutions need great copy

How many times have you seen a superb solution that simply doesn’t make sense because the copy is all wrong?

Sure it’s technologically great but if you can’t explain what the app does in terms that the typical user understands then you’ve lost before you’ve begun.

I like to lead with an issue/solution approach, telling your customers how you will make their lives better in accessible terms.

Walking the line between technical and everyday

If you’re a developer then it’s easy to find yourself in tech mode when you are writing your content.

The problem is that most people don’t even know they are doing it and this can sometimes leave buyers confused

Over the years I have developed the skill of knowing when tech is appropriate and when it is not.

I can take your technical content and translate it into the everyday language of your users.


It technical language appropriate?

Specialist UK software copywriter


Over the years I have developed project management skills and so I understand the theoretical and practical problems with implementation.

My MBA specialisation was in ERP implementations in SMEs and this means that I have real-world practical experience and an academic research background.

In other words the best of both worlds.

This means that I am perfectly placed to write those practical blog entries that get readers – engagement – sales.

Raising money?

There can’t be many software companies that haven’t needed to raise money in some form or another and with my background as a Chartered Management Accountant and work with some of the UK’s biggest finance companies I am ideally placed to write your business plans, pitchdecks and financial forecasts.

Dude - give me a shout

I’m pretty certain I can help any software company with their marketing needs so why not stick your info in the form and let’s talk?

I don’t charge for an initial Zoom chat so you’ve got nothing to lose.

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