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if you are about to start a business then in my opinion a business plan is probably the best tool you can have.

A startup business plan does something very special – it forces you to answer really basic questions that you may not have thought of and it gets you to find ways to explain your concept to people outside your inner circle.

A startup business plan will have a set of indicative financials and these will pinpoint where you may have cash flow difficulties. The marketing plan will show you where you have gaps and the market analysis will require you to prove that there is a market for your goods or services after all!

When I am writing a business plan for a start up I like to work collaboratively to talk over the issues and find solutions that are workable and of course achievable


Business plans for established companies

 Refreshing your business plan periodically is like a detox for the business.

The biggest benefit of writing a business plan is that it gives executives the impetus to sit down and think strategically about the direction that the company wishes to take.

A quality business plan will feature a description of the current status of the company but more importantly will also define the direction that the directors wish to take and provide the supporting rationale behind the decisions taken.

This isn’t a quick operation and in truth there are often some challenging and at times uncomfortable questions asked but once the company has been through the process it comes back stronger, leaner and more focused in approach.

business plans for companies

Bespoke planning services

For many companies a full business plan isn’t required.

Maybe you need the financials as you already have the other sections, in which case, as a UK Chartered Accountant I am ideally placed to produce a full set of financial forecasts including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Forecast.

Or perhaps you have the financial but need someone to carry out some independent research into your chosen market. My skills as an experienced executive and an MBA mean that I am able to produce sections of academic quality that will satisfy event he most discerning reader.

Or perhaps you have produced your own business plan and simply need a second pair of eyes to give it a check over – in which case I am here for you.


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