Is LinkedIn the death of the personal approach?

OK so some time ago I started Yellow Tomato but didn’t tell anyone about it.

It wasn’t that I was embarrassed or anything but I just had so much on that getting the website right and sorting images and logos and all that stuff just took up all my time.

And to be frank I wasn’t chasing clients, which was nice.

Anyway eventually I got round to setting up my company page (you can view it here) and changed my profile status.

And that was it – I was officially the owner of a two-person media company and not an accountant.

Bridges burned

Oh yeah, bridge burned

So My profile change was shared on the platform and people started sending in congratulations and I noticed something interesting.

Most of them were push-button responses.

I know that we’re all busy people but the consistency in the congratulations really stood out.

I’ll tell you what really stood out

In amongst all the cookie-cutter ‘congratulations on your new role’ messages were two other types.

The worst was a lady who used the opportunity to try and sell me something that I hadn’t bought before.

Her approach was so opportunistic that she actually guaranteed that should I need her service I would NEVER buy from her.

So I learned something.

The other type of message that stood out were the ones where the person had taken two seconds to pen a short, personal message.

My instant reaction was ‘I love that guy!’ (or gal)

The difference in approach and my reaction was amazing.

So my lesson from this?

Take just a tiny bit of time to say hello.

Personalise your message and don’t try and sell anything.

It might not be intuitive but actually the push-button approach that LinkedIn promotes and encourages actually make life easier for those people old fashioned enough not to use it!

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