Marketing for professional services

Marketing professional services is all about credibility

The problem is that you haven’t got ‘stuff’ to show people.

This means that they can’t tell the quality of your product by touching, smelling, experiencing it.

So you have to have a method of building credibility and the best way to do that is by having an authoritative, vibrant website.

The truth is that you are unlikely to sell anything directly from your site but I can guarantee you that your prospects will check out your content and form a view.

This means that you need a sensible site, that reads well and that has regular quality content added.

Nobody wants to contract with a business that last published a blog post in November 2016!

But there’s every likelihood that you won’t have the time or the enthusiasm to produce the volume of copy required.

And that’s where I fit in.


Copywriting for professional services
Freelance financial services copywriter

Regular blog posts help with your credibility and more than once I have had people read my posts before agreeing to work with me.

Any why wouldn’t they.

So if you are a Consulting Accountant, a Financial Advisor or a Super Trainer then having great content is a must.

Marketing professional services is different

It’s all about engagement.

You see if you have a list of people that read your posts, learn to trust you and know that you are a subject matter expert then you are in the box seats when it comes time for them to look for services like yours.

That’s why substantial content works really well for professional services and why a chunky report, white paper or eBook works really well when you are building an email list.

Marketing for professional services

How digital marketing can help you

The obvious goal is to sell more to new clients but digital marketing does much more than that.

Naturally, one of the aims is to rank highly on search engines for your particular specialism but that’s not the only aim.

How many times have you met people at a networking event and then gone back to the office and immediately checked out their website? That’s because you want to know that they have the expertise they claim to have.

Having a great website with intelligently written, thoughtful content helps establish your professionalism with potential clients and confirms that you are a bona fide quality business.

Digital marketing isn’t all passive though.

By producing excellent, original content such as white papers, surveys and eBooks you can reach out to people who have the issues that you are able to solve.

By giving people the assistance they need at the right point you solidify your reputation in the minds of potential clients.

Digital marketing takes effort

Properly marketing your business online takes a lot of effort. If it didn’t then everyone would be doing it!

Truthfully, you need to market but you are much better off concentrating on the day job and getting a specialist to do the hard graft of setting up and running your campaign.

If you need someone to help you with digital marketing for your small business, or even just to read over your words then contact me and we’ll see what I can do for you

Speak to someone who understands

Unbelievably I was a consultant for more than 20 years so I know what’s going on.

Let’s have a chat and maybe even a cup of tea if you are in the Bournemouth area and we can see if we’re a good fit to work together.


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