The secret to getting people to read your SME content

What’s the point of writing a great blog post if nobody reads it?

None right?

So you need to get people along to read your content otherwise your website is just so much dead air but how do you get people to click through?

What would you say if I told you I had the secret?

You’d want to know it right?

Of course you would because we love secrets.

If you don’t believe me then why not check out this excellent TED talk series on The Secrets to Understanding Life

Of course we all want to know the secret to understanding life but would we be more or less likely to click on that link if it was titled as ‘a series of talks on personal management’?

Probably not.

As a bit of a test I challenge you to simply type the words ‘ the secret to’ into google and get past page 2 without finding something really interesting to read.

So the secret to getting clicks on your content is…

Have a banging title.

Face it, nowadays most people don’t read past the title and many search engines and agregators only show you the title anyway.

So having a Secret in your title is a great way to intrigue people and hook them into your subject.

The ‘how to write a great secret title’ bit

It’ not enough to just use the ‘secret’ word in your title though. you need to lead people to what the secret is about.

So you need to have a teaser to the content in the title.

‘check out this little known secret to great margaritas’

Or combine it with a listicle (you do know about listicles right?)

”6 secrets to having great hair’

or if you want to get all clickbaity ‘ 21 secret illnesses celebrities have (you won’t believe number 9)’

Still don’t believe that a secret can get more posts to your SEO blog content?

Well you clicked on this article didn’t you?

This post is part of a series of ways to increase clicks on your blogs so check out some of the other posts for more info.

And if writing all this stuff up seems like a bit of a distraction from our day job then whynot contact me and let’s see if I can help you

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