Use this great hack to make sure people read your content

If you are writing small business blogs for your company then you may well be disappointed at how many people actually click through onto your site.

After all, what’s the point of writing this stuff if no-one ever reads it right?

Unbelievably there are a few ways to make sure people click on your links and I bet you know most of them but don’t realise it.

And you have just fallen prey to one of them

Can you see what it is yet?

It’s all in the blog title

There’s a list of post titles you can use to boost your click-through rate.

Now they won’t save every type of blog post, and to be fair if you promote your content in the wrong place then there’s no helping you.

So for example, if you have a post about industrial valves and you post it to an undertakers discussion forum then I reckon it doesn’t matter what you write or how you write it.

But, if you are writing the right thing and it’s relevant to your target auduence then we’re in business

Or rather you are.

You can find my list of great blog titles to boost click-through rate here

So what’s this great hack then?

It’s including ‘hack’ in the title.

Have you noticed how clickbait farms tend to use this one a lot?

that’s because we are busy people and finding a way to circumvent the normal rules of behaviour really does appeal.

Also, a hack is a bit naughty, but not massively so and this plays to our sense of humour.

Things to remember about your hack post

There does actually need to be a useful tip or trick that the reader can use.

After all, after reading this post you now have a hack that you can use to aid your click-through rate right?

Shortchanging people on your small business blogs is a bad way to go.

And you mustn’t require people to sign up or have any of that nonsense going on. If you do you won’t get repeat visitors and frankly they probably won’t sign up anyway.

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