Use this simple trick to get more clicks to your small business blog

When you are writing a small business blog it can be pretty disheartening when nobody reads your thoughts

But using this simple, 10-second trick will increase your click-through rate and hopefully encourage you to keep on with producing great content.

It’s all about listicles

Ever noticed how many lists of things there seems to be on the interweb?

A 2-minute search found lists on beard oil (didn’t even know that was a thing), best white trainers for this season and 29 healthy snacks to help you lose weight!

We love love love lists

So when you are planning your marketing effort you need to think about where you can add in a listicle.

Timing is everything in blogs

Hitting the sweet spot in terms of timing for your business blog can be epic.

For example, I subscribe to a site that produces a list of the best motorbike released at various motor shows.

I know that they produced a great list one year and I subscribed because I knew I’d want to read next year’s list.

So does your business sector have an event that you could spin a list off?

As an example, if I had a football-related business then I would spin a list off of the start of the season-best transfers of the close season, most likely to be relegated, that sort of thing.

‘The six best kits in the English Premier League’ has got to be a click magnet and if you are smart you’ll use it as a way of driving comments and therefore engagement

Oh and think both ahead of time and behind time.

So what I mean by this is that you can do a list based on something that is going to happen (English football:- the 10 teams most likely to get relegated) or something that has happened (English football:- the ten managers who overachieved this year).

Business blogs need to add value

OK so here’s my listicle.

You’ve enjoyed it hopefully and it has given you some food for thought and some value.

but just ramming in a listicle for no good reason that doesn’t inform, educate or entertain (where did I get that from?) is going to be pointless

Worse than that it is likely to really annoy people who will mark your site down in their heads as a time-wasting clickbait site.

So why for instance do I subscribe to a motorbike list?

Well it entertains me because I love motorbikes

It informs me because it gives me the reviewer’s view of what things hit them mark this year

And it educates me in that I get to understand what is on the market now and what their features are.

And that is essentially what you have to do, no matter what your particular niche is, you need to give people a listicle that will add real value to their small business blog.

So that’s it then.

Get yourself writing.

P.S. don’t forget to let me know how you get on with your listicles in the comments section below.

PPS -if you’ve found value here then a share would be absolutely smashing and a backlink would be treasured like gold.

The advert

Look we know that theory is great but when you are building and running a busy business then blogging probably comes quite low down on your agenda.

Let me take the hassle away and write your blogs for you. I may even do a Listicle!

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