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This is a simple example of how you can brief a copywriter.
It’s not complex or supposed to be the best example of a copywriter brief in the business – instead, I wanted it to be easy to use and understand.

Feel free to make changes as you see fit.

Personally, I’d save it off with a different name and then clear all of the examples I have used in the boxes. More than once I have had clients brief me on their single blog entry and then also order a “White paper appx 2000 words on the environmental damage of the average printer cartridge.”

Remember also to include things like SEO elements that your SEO specialist has asked for including links and keywords. If you have a good copywriter these will be second nature to them.

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And if you haven’t got a really good writer yet ….

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Things that copywriters like

We like to know what you want.

The worst clients in the world are the ones that don’t tell you what they want, then complain that you haven’t delivered it!

For example, I had one recently that wanted me to link to a specific site but didn’t tell me until I had written and delivered the piece.

I’m good guys but I’m not a mind reader!

Anyway here’s a list of things that we like;

  • A good title – often a title will dictate the entire article
  • A tone of voice – how do you want it to sound to your reader?
  • A clear deadline – now don’t be ambitious. I can’t do you 5,000 words by tomorrow morning
  • Keywords – always helpful
  • Links -if you want a link then say where
  • Specific points you want to make – what do you really want to tell your reader
  • What you are looking to achieve – this helps us understand what we need to say
  • Any useful resource – if you have an industry link then that really helps

Now here’s the thing. You may not know all of these or you might be unsure of what you can ask for. For instance you may not know what is possible in terms of deadline.

I’m always more than happy to talk my clients through this. It makes my life so much easier and I am much more certain that they will get what they want.

I find that my clients will fall into two camps; those that know exactly what they want and those that just want some content and want me to do the rest. Either is good for me.

Anyway that’s enough rambling now. It’s 5.40 Friday PM so it’s home time.

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